Executive committee

What is the executive committee and what does it do?

The executive committee of the EDUIB comprises:

  • The EDUIB director, who chairs the committee
  • The deputy director
  • The secretary
  • Three management committee members selected by the director.

The duties of the EDUIB executive committee are:

  • To take responsibility for scientific, structural and financial decisions
  • To implement and perform quality assurance measures
  • To act on behalf of the management committee in all matters it is charged with.

(This information can be found in REGULATORY AGREEMENT 10909, of 5th February 2014, which modifies Regulatory Agreement 10041/2011, of 22nd November, whereby the Doctoral School of the University of the Balearic Islands is created.)

Executive Committee Members

The executive committee comprises the following members:

Deputy Director

Schedule for Executive Committee meetings