Readmission to the PhD Programme

Readmission after Penalty

  • When does it need to be requested?
    After two subsequent academic years have passed starting from the academic year where the student failed to register (non-registered year + 1 year + 1 year), and it must be requested during the pre-enrolment period.

    Article 17.1, Regulatory Agreement 13084
    Doctorands admitted to a PhD programme shall register each year for PhD academic tutoring. In the case of joint programmes, the agreement shall determine the method in which registration shall be performed. Where the doctorand fails to register during the mandatory period for academic tutoring, the doctorand may not register on the same PhD programme for the following two years. In any event, the academic commission for the relevant PhD programme shall approve this admission and the same academic record shall be maintained. This readmission may only be granted once.

  • This is an online procedure via the application: <>.
  • Once your reincorporation is accepted, you will need to contact the admin services at the EDUIB to formalise your registration.