Doctoral Theses

Postgraduate university studies aim for advanced student training in research techniques. This training includes the production and presentation of the corresponding doctoral thesis.

The doctoral thesis comprises an original research project relating to the scientific, technical, humanities or artistic fields on the postgraduate programme. Passing the stage provides the right to obtain the title of Doctor, representing the highest level in higher education, accrediting the highest academic level and entitling students for teaching and research in accordance with current legislation.

In this section you will find the procedure and necessary forms to present the thesis. You may also consult the theses soon to be read at the UIB.

Furthermore, there is a thesis archive which, thanks to the work carried out by the Communication Service, is accompanied by a report for each thesis.

Finally, there is information on the electronic doctoral thesis servers TDX and TESEO, as well as the procedure and necessary documentation for a thesis to be included in these databases.